Digital Buried Treasure #1: COMPLETED – $1000 Prize

Digital Buried Treasure #1 was solved on June 21, 2020, for a prize of $1000. DBT #2 will be in the works, but have fun with the mini-hunts in the meantime!

Digital Buried Treasure (DBT) hunts are online treasure hunts with prizes that are cash, stored online, to be found by a single winner.

The main DBT series is released in the format of riddles, spoken aloud, in YouTube videos. These riddles lead to the online location where the prize has been stored. There is no cost to participate. For the current DBT hunt, click HERE.

Mini-hunts are monthly treasure hunts that increase in value the longer they go unsolved. These are easier to solve than the main riddle, and have smaller prizes. More info and answer submissions HERE.